Theatre Freiburg 2012

©Maurice Korbel

Cast & Crew
Choreography and Dance
Su-Mi Jang and Sung-Im Her
Thomas Jeker

In their duet, the two Korean dancers Su-Mi Jang and Sung-Im Her together with the Swiss musician Thomas Jeker, investigate the subject of friendship. By researching around the subject of Philia, Su-Mi Jang and Sung-Im Her noticed that strong memories about friendship lead to their childhood and adolescence. They started using body language, storytelling and voice to define the border line of relationships by action in space.

(…)Their movements are becoming faster and absurder. The duo offers and plays with bizarre switching roles: teacher- fireman, snail-snake. only children can invent such pairings. The two women seem like two overtwisted wound up automats, just a dram more and they would collapse.
Then they jump around, driven by Thomas Jekers Guitar. Actually the duo is an equivalently trio. (…)
(…) Philia is a strong piece with humor in it. it leads back to the time of adolescence with its loaded energies, but also with its insecurity of not being accepted, its first experiences how it feels like not to be loved. last but not least it is a love story with dance. (…)
(…)Sung-Im's way to move and to act is theatrical and excessive. Su-mi's way of performing is as individual, but a bit more observantly.(…)
Badische Zeitung, Mo.22.October 2012, by Anette Hoffmann
Audio: Philia (exerpts of a live recording)

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