The abduction of Sita

Premiere Theater Freiburg 14th june 2007, Guest Performances 06/2007 - Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, 04/2008-Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin


the abduction of sita is a dance/music theater project conceived and directed by Joachim Schloemer. A confluence of western and Indian influences and styles, the abduction of sita takes off from the chapter in the Ramayana that speaks of Sita’s abduction and goes on to explore abduction as a human experience and a social reality.

Kathak and contemporary dance interplay with video projection to create simultaneous multiple images. Text by Johannes Ottmar alternates between the light and the profound and borrows excerpts from writings of other authors and scholars. Recorded electronic music and live sufi and hindustani classical/folk music combine to form the soundscape.

A production of Mediapool, Berlin, co-produced by House of World Cultures, Berlin, Theater Freiburg, Schauspielhaus Dusseldorf and the city of Auroville near Madras/Chennai in South India. The Abduction of Sita is funded by the German Cultural Foundation, Berlin.

Cast & Crew
Director and Choreography
Joachim Schloemer
Stage Design
Masha Mazur
Costume Design
Nicole von Graevenitz
Light Design
Zuleikha Chaudhary
Thomas Jeker
fettFilm, Torge Moeller, Momme Hinrichs
Johannes Ottmar, Joachim Schloemer
Graham Smith, Vaishali Trivedi
Johanna Eiworth, Manish Chaudhari
Dhruv Sangari (voc), Amjad Khan (tabla)
Audio: The abduction of Sita (excerpts)

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Video: The abduction of Sita/ trailer by fettfilm

07.38 // 85.9mb

The abduction of Sita