The Engagement

A production of the Kleistfestival 4.-21.11.2011 and Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin with the support of Gold Extra Premiere: November 6. 2011

Heinrich von Kleist’s short story: ” Die Verlobung in St. Domingo”
provides a narrative frame for an original performance which embodies
Kleist’s own struggle with the world — a struggle reflected in many
of his stories depicting civilization in a state of emergency, humans
balanced between order and chaos, between reason and madness.
At twilight the audience makes its way to the shooting range of the
German weapon testing and research institute (D.E.V.A), just a short
distance from the Kleinen Wannsee where Kleist shot himself. There in
the forest unfolds a complex interplay of bodies and weapons,
situated on the fine line between fiction and reality, between order
and chaos…

Cast & Crew
Tommy Noonan
Murielle Elizéon, Bettina Grahs, Georg Hobmeier, Thomas Jeker, Anja Müller
Carolin Hochleichter
Performance dramaturgy
Georg Hobmeier
Thomas Jeker
Visual Design
Moritz Müller
Violaine Thel
Doreen Markert / Enthusiastic Encounters
Production and Costume Assistance
Sarah Marguier
Dramaturgy Assistance
Luisa Wirth
Audio: Funeral march (excerpt of the piece)

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Video: The engagement (Trailer)

03.44 // 18.1mb

The Engagement