Too Far Again, Not Far Enough …

Premiere: Adelaide Fringe Festival 2009

I began with ‘Self-Worth’. I deviated in to 5 chapters. The rehearsal process saw a collapse of coherency. I ended with a product, a soup, a vomit of chaptered physical “chunks” amongst words of theory.

Winning, Possessions, Success, Pride, Autonomy, Religion, Self-Security in all senses. These are the chapters explored in the concept of a physical movement research study married with sound, video and text.

Silence exists as a decision in the exemplary suicide of the Artist, who thereby testifies that he has gone “too far”; and in the already cited model renunciations by the Artist of his vocation.
Susan Sontag — Styles of Radical Will
Cast & Crew
Concept, Choreography, Performance, Costume
Daniel Jaber
Thomas Jeker
Animation, Graphic Design
Matthias Waldt
Stage Design and Lighting Concept
Stephen Moylan
Audio: Too Far Again … Not Far Enough …(excerpts)

07.12 // 10.4mb

05.44 // 8.3mb

04.02 // 5.8mb

Video: too far again, not far enough...(excerpt)

04:19 // 33.08mb

Too Far Again, Not Far Enough …