The Place London

©Stefan Jeker

Cast & Crew
Cécile Feza Bushidi
Thomas Jeker

“In contrast to the preceding visual excesses was Cecile Feza Bushidi’s stark yet sensual X1. Cast in monochrome, X1 began with a tentative exchange between Bushidi and her shadow and grew into a lithe solo, at times both robotic and balletic. At first intrusive, after a while the soundtrack’s beats became so absorbed into the rhythm of movement they were no longer noticeable. The overall effect was detached and urban; the androgynous sensuality that underlay the piece saved it from an alienating minimalism.”
Lucy Ribchester

…Bushidi is gorgeous to watch, alert and questioning inside an undeniable physical discipline well supported by the digital pulse of Thomas Jeker’s music. Austere, but mesmerising.” …
Donald Hutera 19.01.07, Resolution! Review
Audio: X1 (exerpts)

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04.48 // 6.9mb

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Video: X1 (exerpt)

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