„cuarteao“: Spanish for broken and cracked. This is how the Cuban Yosvany Quintero and his fellow musicians refer to their project, which is a dense, jostling, pulsating mix of jazz, funk, drum’n’ bass, Cuban music and classical avant-garde, in which the harmonies, rhythms and formal structures are frequently broken. Their sounds are like the cracks in sun-baked soil, taking individual and unpredictable directions.


„cuarteao“: Spanish for quartered. Four young musicians, all with classical training and at home in the most varied musical areas, have gathered to present the unusual melodic and rhythmic compositional ideas of Yosvany Quintero. Collectively, they develop these ideas in the process of improvisational interplay, the result of which is music characterised by experiment and joy of playing.

“Hypermodern Rumba: Yosvany Quintero presented an original mix of Jazz, Funk and Rumba”
“Yosvany Quintero started with an emotionally charged mix of Jazz, Funk and Rumba. Complex themes consisting of many short motifs, mixed with breaks which come thick and fast, were underlaid with unusual rhythms which often broke the conventional four-four-time scheme.
Accompanied by a tough rhythm section, Yosvany Quintero played his wild and free saxophone and clarinet solos. He alternated solos with the pianist Gabriel Walter, whose playing stood out due to great intensity and expressiveness.
One could easily forgive the band for the fact that one could not dance a classical Rumba to this kind of music. Musical creativity made up for this ‘lack’.”
Basellandschaftliche Zeitung, 29.1.05
“Musical departure: The quartet “Cuarteao”, centred around the Cuban saxophonist and clarinettist Yosvany Quintero, departs for new musical shores and a new concept of Jazz.”
„Yosvany Quintero’s preference for clear but demanding structures is what causes his compositions to stand out. It calls to mind the M-Base of Steve Coleman, the perfection of whose saxophone playing is equalled by Quintero.” 
“Cuarteao can be regarded as one of the rare, promising formations in the otherwise rather stagnant Jazz business. (…) The openness and impartiality with which the four young musicians get down to work is exemplary, and comparable with the pioneering character of other revolutionary Jazzers.”
Oltner Tagblatt, 26.1.06
Compositions, Saxophone, Clarinet
Yosvany Quintero
Florian Arbenz
Gabriel Walter
Thomas Jeker until 2009, Andre Buser from 2009
Audio: cuarteao

maquinando // 08.07 // 9.7mb

funkojo // 09.53 // 11.09mb

monserrate // 08.06 // 9.7mb

0.8333333 // 05.46 // 6.9mb

experimento rostro // 05.33 // 6.7mb

experimento barracuda // 06.04 // 7.3mb