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Am 17. August geben wir einen Einblick in unser aktuelles Projekt; miminal atmos oud bass duo.
Das Konzert findet um 20.30 Uhr, pünktlich zum Sonnenuntergang, im Glashaus der Schadaugärtnerei Thun statt. Ab 20 Uhr gibt es Tee mit Kräutern aus dem Garten. Der Eingang zum Garten befindet sich am Nelkenweg.
Seid herzlich willkommen, der Eintritt ist frei, Kollekte erwünscht

Christian Moser | Oud, Electronics
Thomas Jeker | E-bass, Electronics

Jeker/Moser Soundbath with Stephen Thomas

Saturday, February 4, 2017 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm
at AIRYOGA, Fabrikstrasse 10 in 8005 Zurich.

Join Stephen Thomas and the music duo Jeker/Moser for a very special night of soundscape, movement and stillness.

Stephen will guide a 2-hour dynamic Asana, Meditation, and Deep Savasana – accompanied by a live performance with the ambient sounds of Jeker/Moser (Oud, E-Bass, Electronica).
Listen to their music here:

This is a chance to move, breath and soak into full sound vibration and pulsation.

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The Girl Down Loch Änzi

Desire & Discipline

Upcoming Shows May 2017 in Slovakia

Desire&Discipline is an invitation to uncover the erotic charge inherent in dance, to reflect on its stagings and its unpredictable nature. Two performers search for their own sensual expression within a corset of forms borrowed from dance history and personal reference.

10.June 20h Tanzlokal Festival Bern (CH)

10. August 20h Sout Behemian Theatre Budweis (CZ)

21.September 20h L1 Dance Fest Budapest (HU)

19. November Theater Freiburg (D)

Choreography & Dance: Matthew Rogers, Chris Leuenberger. Music: Thomas Jeker.
Costume: Salome Egger. Lights: Zuzana Režná. Dramaturgical Support: Igor Dobricic.
Outside Eyes: Marcel Schwald, Petra Tejnorova, Simone Truong.
Coproduction: Chris Leuenberger Produktionen, Kredance Prostor.
Production Management: Sabine Jud, Bára Paulátová.
Support: Residencies Tanzhaus Zürich, Théâtre Sévelin 36 Lausanne, Dampfzentrale Bern, Zahrada Banska Bystrica, Labyrint Zilina
Support Funding: Stadt Bern, Kanton Bern, Pro Helvetia, Burgergemeinde Bern, Gesellschaft zu Ober-Gerwern, Nadace život umělce,


jeker/moser – minimal atmos oud bass duo

jeker/moser – minimal atmos oud bass duo

The oud, e-bass and electronics are elements of an atmospheric soundscape formed of melismata and minimal rhythmical patterns discovered through an inner concentration and precision of the singular moment that redeems a music already existent in silence, as a sculptor unfolds a form preordained in the unmarked stone.
The duo creates a perpetual suspension between possibility and certainty, capture and release. Through experimental playing , identities and potentialities are broken apart and rearranged as formerly disjunct elements are thrown into combination
– an echo of the law of requisite variety.

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fotograf-ud-calan-kadinlar-25-x-17-cm Kopie


La Troisième Langue

Release Date Cinema Switzerland: March 26. 2017

La Troisième Langue is a multi-layered examination of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It focuses on the development of a theatrical production initiated by Swiss Jewish director Dalit Bloch, involving both Jewish and Arabic teenagers, and sheds light on the possibility of a peaceful coexistence.

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CD’s of the Soundtrack by Jeker/Moser /Puntin available at:!music/o12os

CD’s of the Soundtrack by Jeker/Moser /Puntin available at:!music/o12os

la trosieme langue poste